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OnCore MA-1.0 Metallic Core Golf Ball 3 Ball Sleeve

Metallic Core Golf 3 balls

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    OnCore Golf brings you the world's first and only patented hollow-metal core golf ball. We understand that in golf, hitting the ball straight is paramount to scoring lower. We have designed a ball that helps you do just that and makes your game more competitive as a result.

    The MA 1.0 should enhance the experience and lower the score for anyone who uses it. We can't all hit perfect fairway shots or putt like the pros but this ball narrows the gap and will have you enjoying your game more and more.

    The performance of a golf ball is affected by numerous factors – material selection, dimple pattern, weight distribution, inertia, compression, club head speed, and many others.

    What OnCore has done is introduce an entirely new set of options in designing a ball by incorporating proprietary metal alloys with ultra-high performance polymer blends that shift the weight of the ball towards the perimeter, increasing the inertia and reducing the amount of side-spin. A reduction in side-spin leads to straighter shots and lower scores.

    To understand how this works, think about a figure skater going into a spin. As the weight of the skater shifts inward, the spin rate increases and as the arms are extended and the weight shifts outward, the spin rate decreases.